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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified if I've made it to the next round?

  • Players will receive an electronic notification that they have been selected to the next round.

What college coaches will attend the Long Island Girls Lacrosse Showcase?


  • We have received verbal commitments from dozens of coaches who plan to attend this event.



Who can tryout for the Long Island Girls Lacrosse Showcase?


  • Players from Long Island's Public High Schools are eligible to tryout. Rising Freshmen Girls will register under the name of the high school they will be attending as a freshman.



I go to a private school. Can I try out for the Long Island Girls Lacrosse Showcase?


  • Yes. The only requirement is that you are a high school player from Nassau or Suffolk to be eligible to participate.



When & Where will the tryouts take place?


  • Please click on ‘REGISTER’ at the top of this page to see the tryout locations and dates. If you are registered, we will also notify you via electronic updates.



What is the format of the tryout?


  • Please click on ‘EVENT DETAILS’ at the top of this page to see the tryout format.



Who selects the players?


  • The high school coaches of Nassau & Suffolk Counties are responsible for selecting players for advancement through each round of the tryout.

Do I need to sign a parental waiver?


  • Yes. The waiver will be presented to each user as part of the online registration process. Each user will have to click "I AGREE" in order to complete the registration process.



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